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Far From Home 

Home is more than just shelter; it is psychological as well as physical, and sometimes it is not easy to find. In Far From Home, sixteen artists distance themselves from home in order to take the viewers on a journey away from the familiar. En route, some find themselves looking back with longing to return or with the relief of escape.

But mostly the work looks forward, exploring new sights, textures, and sounds that evoke the possibility of being without a home or creating a new one. This exhibition includes work by Alana Celii, Courtenay Finn, Kristopher Graves, Kim Holleman, Yeni Mao, Josh Millis, Tadashi Moriyama, Lori Nelson, Tara O’Brien, Grady O’Connor, Amy Purifoy Piazza, Victoria Rich, Shayna Schapp, Katie Sehr, Annette Tacconelli, and Jersey Walz.

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