Kim Holleman is a NY-based, mid-career contemporary artist and was a Visiting Scholar and a Research Affiliate at MIT Media Lab with the Social Computing Group (2014-2017). Holleman is an interdisciplinary artist, using an approach which includes: Contemporary Art, Interior Architecture, Public Art, Installation, and Landscape Design. Holleman continues to mount exhibitions and public art projects in New York and lectures, teaches, and works with multi-disciplinary teams.


MIT School of Architecture

and Planning

"In The Media"

Reinventing classrooms for early childhood education

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The New York Times

"A Nature Park That Doesn't

Put Down Roots"

by Yuka Yoneda

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"There's Something About

Women and Science"

by Kim Holleman

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The New Museum

Ideas City with Kim Holleman

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MIT Media Lab

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2013-2017)