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Artist Statement

I use an interdisciplinary approach including Sculpture, Installation, Environmental Design, and Public Art to create new experiences based upon utopian visions of environmentalist futures. By mixing art, architecture and nature, I’m grappling with our collective hopes and anxieties moving forward (and backward) through the 21st century.


By deconstructing physical objects and large scale architectures -and remixing them with nature- I try to reveal deeper aspects of our relationship to the environment. By inverting concepts and manipulating familiar everyday imagery, I can address the public with playful optimism, drawing people into art-driven solutions addressing serious issues regarding our natural world.


In my works, working in macro and micro scale, I have manipulated outmoded vehicles, floated drawings on rivers, turned nature inside-out and made eco-systems live out-of-place. In public art projects, my works become sites of play and gathering points for larger discussions. Often, it is the public at large who complete the works by their interactions with it, gently reminding us that environmentalism is humanism.


In blending art, nature and architecture I seek to highlight issues. I construct works that are synthesis of fantastical and practical to show solutions as well as to poke fun as we grapple with becoming a sustainable “future society”. As an artist with the Social Computing Group at MIT Media Lab, I have been able to realize projects in collaboration with scientists, architects, and new media artists, providing new avenues of inquiry for my work and new contexts for art interventions in the public realm.


I mix Sculpture, Nature, and Model-making to create new visions based upon utopian dreams of a verdant future. By mixing sculpture and nature, I’m grappling with our collective hopes and anxieties as we evolve into a sustainable society.


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The Dark Mountain Journal, Volume 1, Literary and Visual Arts Journal, United Kingdom Versal, Literary and Visual Art Journal, Holland

Selected Articles:

MIT School of Architecture

and Planning

"In The Media"

Reinventing classrooms for early childhood education

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The New York Times

"A Nature Park That Doesn't

Put Down Roots"

by Yuka Yoneda

dowload pdf  

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"There's Something About

Women and Science"

by Kim Holleman

download pdf

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The New Museum

Ideas City with Kim Holleman

dowload pdf

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MIT Media Lab

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2013-2017)


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