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Trailer Park, A Mobile Public Park  is a portable, natural public park housed inside a 14' x 8’ x 7' mobile travel trailer.

The interior is fully planted and treated as a "real" park. Hand-laid brick planter beds are complemented by masonry laid in the same tradition as public parks. Concrete and wooden benches invite visitors to rest and enjoy the park view. The naturalistic stone water-fall and fish pond provide soothing water while skylights and windows provide rays of light beaming in, kissing the interior.

The plants in Trailer Park are New York natives including mosses, succulents, grasses, miniature trees, shrubs and wildflowers. Trailer Park was conceived as a response to the vexing question of how to bring more nature into the urban environment, "as-is".

Trailer Park is the culmination of inquiries into public art, environmental art, landscape design and is an open question concerning the future of nature in the urban environment. Laboratory, living ecosystem, mode of transportation, transcendent experience, work of public art and mobile healing garden- are all wrapped up in one singular work.

Visitors to the Trailer Park go inside to go outside. If you cannot go to the park, this park can go to you! By embedding the destination inside the vehicle that takes us there, the trailer has become impregnated with its fantasy and all the ensuing contradictions. Its role reversal is so complete it brings the oasis to us, thereby making us the destination.

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