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Panel discussion in conjunction with the exhibition Rites of Passage: 1995-2009 (on view: 1/21-2/11), a show that explores the routes taken by recent CooperUnion art, architecture and engineering alumni.

The title  of the panel takes its name f rom the first line of Audre Lorde's poem "Rites of Passage," which reads "Now rock the boat to a fare-thee-well," and goes on to speak of young people as agents of change as well as witnesses to the pass­ ing of obsolete ideas.

The political  intervention; they will discuss  tile principles  and methods of their own work, their identities and motivations, and whether using art as a catalyst for change is an ideal or a practical problem.

Kim Holleman

Nicky Enright

Spring Ulmer

Sam Vernon
Moderated by Thomas  Micchelli


Friday, February  5, 2010 I 7-9  pm
The Frederick  P. Rose Auditorium
41 Cooper  Square
New  York, NY 10003

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